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07:00- 20:00


07:00 - 14:00

The service facilities measure 800 square metres and is located right outside the firm. It is being used for servicing, maintaining the fleet of the company and of the users of our servicing facilities.

The company has been doing servicing ever since its establishment and that is why it can be proud of a long tradition of its servicing activities. There are 12 employees of various occupations specialised in srvicing new and older transport vehicles of different kinds as well as trailers, articulated lorries and tank lorries.

We offer to our users quality servicing at concurrent prices:

  • servicing, testing and repairing ofall types of Mercedes - BENZ transport vehicles
  • prompt servicing of all types of transport vehicles and articulated lorries
  • maintainance of original parts for Mercedes-BENZ, MAN and Renault vehicles
  • manual carwash
  • vulcanizer servicing for trnsport vehicles and cars
  • mending waxcloth and fixing upgraded elements



Jože Novak, Servicing manager
Tel. +386 1 7887 859,
Tel. +386 1 7887 860
Fax. +386 1 7887 857
Cellphone +386 41 540 167
E-mail : traigdd.ivg@siol.net
WWW  : http://www.traig.si